The Practical Photoshop Team

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Our author is a community college instructor. He has taught Photoshop to thousands of students, both in traditional classrooms and online.

In his 25+ years teaching Photoshop, he has learned firsthand from students of all ages which Photoshop skills they feel are the most essential, and also which Photoshop techniques they find the most difficult to master. We have used our students’ feedback to determine both the topics and the approach to the step by step tutorials.

Donald Laird, author

I have been teaching in the Computer Studies Department at Santa Rosa Junior College since 1993, during which time I've taught a wide range of courses. Over the last several years I've specialized in Photoshop, social media, 3D printing, and drone technology. I have taught Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced Photoshop as well as our photo restoration class, Fixing Photoshop Images. I am Adobe Certified in all Photoshop versions from 5 to CC 2015.

When I'm not teaching, I seem to have no trouble finding things to keep me busy: