Purchase Your Practical Photoshop Book

The Practical Photoshop titles are available for purchase in a number of different formats.

Be sure to carefully purchase the correct book and format.


Practical Photoshop CC2014, Level 2

Practical Photoshop CC 2014, Level 2 - older version — for intermediate users

A sample of the book containing the first two chapters is available for download. These chapters review Photoshop CC2014 requirements and installation, examine some commonly-used Photoshop Preference settings, introduce you to Photoshop Libraries, and show you how to adjust images in Camera Raw.

You may also want to download and decompress the sample images used in the step by step parts of Tutorials 1-2.

You can purchase Practical Photoshop CC 2014, Level 2 in four different formats:


Full-color printed book, perfect bound
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The full PDF, using the same format as the sample tutorials

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Kindle version optimized for the Kindle reader



iBooks edition for iPads, iPhones, and iPods


Once you have purchased your copy of Practical Photoshop CC 2014, Level 2:

Download and expand PP2-CC2014-student_images.zip - a compressed file containing of all the images for the course. After downloading the file, you will need to expand it into the PP2_CC2014 -images folder to use for the course.